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Miracle A6

Q: When running the Portal to Miracle software i get a Internet Explorer script error.

Delete the program and re-install a new version from . You will need the password.

Q: Why does my Miracle A6/ A6P cut one side deeper than the other?

Jaw Reset

Switch off the machine. Now push the jaw away from you towards the face of the machine and then when it stops can you see how much gap there is between the face of the machine and the back of the jaw. There should be virtually no gap. If there is about a 5mm or so gap then this is incorrect. Push the jaw very hard and it will move back to the face of the machine with very little gap. Now do a full calibration including the cutter decoder distance measurement. Can you also check what version of software and firmware you have and the date.

Q: How do I update my Miracle A6?

Data and Firmware Update

Miracle A6 provides the function to connect the device and PC through a USB cable and automatically update data and firmware. New key data and product functions can be easily added through this.

1. Double click on 'Portal to Miracle' on the home screen to open the program.

2. Once the program is opened, press 'Update' from the left menu to make the data update screen appear as shown in the picture.
3. Press 'Upgrade Firmware now' button in the centre of the screen.
4. Press 'Upgrade Now' and execute data and firmware upgrade.

Do not turn off the computer while the Firmware is being upgraded.

If any problem occurs during Firmware Upgrade, the product may have operating problems. In this case, please contact us.


  • In order to upgrade the data and firmware of the Miracle A6, the PC and the device should be connected by USB cable.
  • Firmware means a program embedded in the CPU of a mainboard in the device. It controls the operation of the device.