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Magic M4E Engraver and Cutter
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Magic M4E Engraver and CutterMagic M4E Engraver and CutterMagic M4E Engraver and Cutter

Magic M4E Engraver and Cutter

By Red Technologies  Ref: M4E

Magic M4E Engraver and Cutter

Multipurpose Flatbed Engraving Machine

MAGIC-E4 is a 3rd generational multipurpose desktop engraving machine that is built and designed to produce precise and high-quality engraving, cutting, and marking results on various materials with different forms and sizes. This machine exceeds all other engraving machines in the market as it is a high-performing flatbed engraver with a strong and reliable structural stability; a modern aesthetic design and; a highly-efficient multifunctional system. Its system is designed to engrave on various products like labels, name tags, and nameplates, and various materials like acryl, wood and brass.

  • Wider Work Area
    MAGIC-E4 features a wider engraving area work with an open front to support easy engraving and expansion of materials that come in different sizes and forms.

  • Fast and Easy Engraving, Cutting, and Marking
    It facilitates engraving, cutting, and marking on various kinds of materials by built-in camera and
    material and tool sensors.

  • Advanced and Innovative Features
    It offers innovative functions, outstanding engraving performance, higher resolution and quality, excellent structural stability, and modern aesthetic design. Its features and structure are designed and built following the newest and latest technology.

  • Engraves on acryl, various kinds of plastics, wood, modeling board, etc.

  • Engraves on all kinds of metals including stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

  • Engraves on glass, plastics, etc.

  • Cuts gold, silver, brass, aluminum, acryl, various kinds of plastics, wood, etc.

  • Carves 2.5D relief.

  • Comes with wide work range, making it possible to engrave on large-scale materials

  • Supports different engraving tools such as endmill, V-cutter, and scribing tools.

  • Equipped with intuitive and easy engraving position control with the use of an embedded camera and laser

  • Automatically measures the height of the material and tool length.

  • Enables cost-efficient maintenance with low-cost supplies.

  • Light, small and easy to use and/operate.


Engraving Materials

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc.

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Plated Metal

  • Various kinds of Plastics

  • Glass

  • Others

Various Tools Available for Various Purposes

A variety of tools are used to facilitate various purposes for engraving, cutting, and marking.

  • The machine facilitates engraving and cutting with the use of a spindle rotation that rotates a tool to process materials.

  • It is ideal for scribe marking using a diamond tool.

  • Other tools are available to enhance marking effects.

Size 402mmx376mmx352mm

Engraving area 241mmx179mmx60mm


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RRP: £4,500.00 Ex VAT
Price: £4,500.00 Ex VAT
5,850.00 USD | 5,265.00 EUR | 8,595.00 AUD

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