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Magic M3S Engraver
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Magic M3S EngraverMagic M3S EngraverMagic M3S EngraverMagic M3S Engraver

Magic M3S Engraver

By Red Technologies  Ref: M3S

Magic M3S Engraver

Compact Engraving Machine

MAGIC-S3 is a third-generation multipurpose engraving machine that is perfect for engraving on flat-type materials with various forms and sizes. It offers revolutionary functions and features that enable easy engraving and marking on various products. It provides excellent performance, structure and design to satisfy our customers' needs. It is built for multipurpose use, and is designed to make engraving and marking on a variety of products and materials like pet IDs, jewelries, accessories, cosmetic/perfume cases, and industrial name plates and parts, easy and fast.

  • Advanced and Innovative Features

    MAGIC-S3 offers innovative functions, outstanding performance, higher resolution and quality, excellent structural stability, and modern aesthetic design. Its features and structure are newly designed and built following the newest and latest technology.

  • Easy Control of the Engraving Position
    It comes with an embedded camera and a laser to enable intuitive operation in order for users to easily locate and adjust the images/designs on the material.

  • Third Generation Latest Motor Control System
    Its motor control system controls the machine with a resolution that is twice larger than its previous model. It creates a more detailed and enhanced engraving results with higher marking quality, and a reduced level of noise during machine operation.

Builtin camera
Diamond engraving

Multipurpose Scribing Machine

MAGIC-S3 is a multipurpose scribing machine perfectly used for engraving various items with various materials. It leaves a shiny, polished, high quality finish on items like pendants, pet tags, cosmetics, watches, military identification tags, Zippo lighters, machine nameplates, gift items, etc.

Necklace engraving



Watch engraving


Accessory / Gift


Pet Tags

Pet Supplies

Military ID tag engraving

Military IDs

Military Accessories

Cosmetic engraving


Beauty Supplies

Nameplate engraving


Industrial Supplies

Size 310mmx345mmx321mm

Engraving area 151mmx132mmx40mm


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RRP: £3,400.00 Ex VAT
Price: £3,400.00 Ex VAT
4,420.00 USD | 3,978.00 EUR | 6,494.00 AUD

Available within 5-7 working days