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Miracle A9 Edge All in One Key Cutting Machine
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Miracle A9 Edge All in One Key Cutting MachineMiracle A9 Edge All in One Key Cutting Machine

Miracle A9 Edge All in One Key Cutting Machine

By Red Technologies  Ref: A9E

Miracle A9E can cut single-sided keys, laser keys, automobile keys and also other sophisticated keys like tibbe keys, tubular keys, dimple keys and domestic keys ( with the additional Optional purchase jaws), with CNC technology applied for more accurate and fast production of keys.

Now with a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet and much quieter operation! Support and warranty is supplied by Microsoft in your country. Lockdecoders does NOT carry the warranty on this product.

The new A9 EDGE doesn't include the Single Sided Key Jaw.

This is the newest version in the A9 line, replacing the A9 Special. A9S Auto and A9 Premium

Replaceable Clamps:

  • Automobile key clamp- included with the machine
  • Single sided key clamp- sold separately
  • Dimple key clamp- sold separately
  • Tubular key clamp- sold separately
  • Tibbe key clamp- sold separately
  • SX9 Adaptor- sold separately
  • Magnum Jaw- sold separately
  • HU162T Adaptor- sold separately
  • HU66 Adaptor - included with machine

Cutters and Decoders: Optional extras

  • Miracle Cutter - 2mm
  • Miracle Cutter - 1.5mm
  • End Mill Cutter - 1mm
  • Decoder Probe - 1mm
  • Decoder MT5+ and Cadnam - 0.5mm
  • Decoder Dimple for Mul-T-Lock
  • Cutter Dimple for Mul-T-Lock
  • Engraving Cutter

Other Clamps and Adapters:

  • Tibbe Adaptor CP-61
  • Key Marking Clamp CP-107
  • Auto Jaw CP-86 Included
  • HU66 Adaptor Jaw Included
  • Miracle Stop Guide CP-91 Included
  • VA2 Adapter CP-109

Miracle A9 EDGE Features

  • LED lights support night work.- Equipped tool tray stores tools easily.
  • Key production log and customer management function are added.
  • Supports powerful and stable key production with 27W, 24DC motor.
  • Using both decoder and cutter simultaneously makes key measurement and duplication faster without replacing tools.
  • Noise reduction with low-vibration design.
  • Supports key data upgrade via Wi-Fi wireless network.
  • Provided manually operating function allows producing remote control keys possible.
  • Using Ball-screw and LM guide applied to Z-axis provides more accurate and powerful cutting force.
  • Touch screen with faster CPU enables quick response.
  • Embedded Bluetooth allows wireless operation with the exclusive tablet.
  • 10” Touch screen eases operating the device.
  • LED lights support night work.

10” Touch Screen

  • 10” tablet makes operating the device easier and upgraded CPU enables use of the program faster.

Ball Screw and LM-Guide Equipped

  • Supports more accurate and powerful cutting force by equipping ball screw and LM-guide.

Wireless Upgrade via Wi-Fi

  • Easy to upgrade data using Wi-Fi wireless network.

Wireless Bluetooth Operation System with Detachable Tablet

  • It is possible to separate the machine and exclusive tablet and Bluetooth allows wireless key manufacturing system.

Manual Operation

  • Provides manual operation to mill key for special purpose.

Equipped with both decoder and cutter

  • Easy-to-use “key measurement and duplication” by using both decoder and cutter simultaneously.
  • Key tip position
  • Key center position
  • Key thickness

Dual Spindle Belt

  • Guarantees stable spin performance with dual spindle belts.

Replaceable Clamp

  • Replaceable clamps to support various key production

Automatic Key Measurement

  • Automatically measures the thickness, position of tip and center of a key.
    (Automatically corrects error in measurements)

Adjustable Touch Screen Tilt Angle

  • Adjustable touch screen tilt angle to adapt user’s various working environment such as light reflection and touch angle

LED Lights

  • The bright LED lights support night work and other poor lighting environments.

Tool Tray

  • Tool tray is equipped to store tools such as cutter, probe, and wrench easily.


  • AC Adapter
  • Power Code
  • USB Cable
  • Cutter 2mm - 2 pcs
  • Probe - 2 pcs
  • T-wrench 2.5mm
  • Bolt M4 - 2 pcs
  • Stopper
  • Stopper Right-to-Left
  • Auxiliary Clamp - 3 pcs
  • Calibration Bar
  • Tool Holder
  • Spindle Belt - 6 pcs
  • HU66 Clamp
  • Space Bar
  • Instruction manual
  • Tablet
  • Brush
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Back Bracket
  • Ground wiring

If operating in a van then we suggest a minimum power requirement of the following....

At a minimum 2kw sine wave invertor

1-2 deep cycle batteries

intelligent split charger.

Any other lesser configuration can lead to incorrect cutting, doing strange things, maybe damaging the machine which will not be covered under any warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 276mm(W) x 353mm(H) x 341mm(D)
  • Resolution: (XY) 0.005mm / (Z)0.00125mm
  • Spindle motor power: 27W
  • Power consumption: Stand-by 16W / Cutting 80W
  • Weight: 19.5Kg
  • Power: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz


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Price: £3,565.00 Ex VAT
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