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Magic Engravers

Q: How do i make a line drawing for Photo imaging

How to make a photo image

this is a video above.

Q: Magic videos

Leather key holder, Marking on leather with a brass stamp

Stamping on the leather card wallet, Engraving brass to make a stamp

Stamping on the leather as a Brass stamp

Leather stamp marking machine, Soundproof box for cutting noise

Missing Child Prevention Necklace, Laser marking on the curved pendant

CNC cutting, laser marking, laser welding, Let's make silver jewelry

Laser black photo marking on the matte surgical steel military identification tag

Laser deep engraving on the silver jewellery

Blower, Dust collector power supply & Direct control

Fiber laser marking machine Laser marking on cosmetic lids

Laser marking on paper box

Laser marking on tumbler

Deep engraving on the handmade silver ring by laser marking machine

Camera positioning function, Laser marking on handmade creams package

Metal Key ring, White laser marking

MAGIC ART7 Camera positioning function, White laser marking on teaspoon

Titanium stamp, Laser engraving

Automobile accessory,Black marking

Stainless steel, Engraving the inner and outer a ring

Aluminum nameplate, Scribe marking

Metal pet tag, Dog image scribe marking

MAGIC-2S Tablet PC, Bluetooth connection and operation

A Guide to Fingerprint Engraved Jewellery Designs

Stainless steel, Scribing marks on tweezers

Engraving on the Stainless steel Military identification tag

L2 Brochure

White laser marking, Metal Dog tag

Surgical stainless steel bracelet, Caricature Black marking

L2,L3 Pen jig, Plastic pen, Fiber laser marking

Monkey spanner, ruler graduation black marking

L2,L3 Compare laser marking quality

Airpods leatherette case, Hot stamping

Galaxy Z-flip leather case, Custom Hot stamping

Leather tray, Engraving picture on brass block and stamping on leather

Marking with a brass stamp on leather, QR Code Recognition

Calligraphy, Gold foil stamping on paper

Q: How do I upload/import my Vector File to MagicArt?

Magic Art supports vector graphic (SVG) files. So files saved as SVG type can be imported. If you save a design as SVG type from design program Illustrator or CorelDraw, you can import the file to the Magic Art.

1. Click File > Save As button from Illustrator program menu to save a file in SVG type.

p>2. Click File > Import button from the Magic Art menu to import a file.

Q: How do I save my design as .SVG in Adobe Illustrator?

1. Open/Create Illustrator file.
2. Once you are happy with your design - File > Save As > SVG (svg). In a 'Save As' option windw select Format and choose SVG(svg)
3. In 'SVG Options' window untick Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilitites. And press OK

Q: How do I add my design in 'Design Sample' section?

1. Enter the contents, and adjust the font and size as desired. Select the object and click “save” from “File>Save As Design Sample”.

2. Designate a folder or create new folder. Enter the name and click “OK” button to add it to the design sample.

Your design can be now seen in design sample window on the left.

Q: My machine scratches the surface during the engraving. How do I stop this?

When moving to another engraving location, it is necessary to lift Z axis to prevent the tool from contacting with the material surface before moving. When 'Z Clearance' is not set properly it causes the tool to scratch the material in unwanted places. To eliminate this simply increase the lift distance in 'Z Clearance' setting it to 1mm and higher.