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Q: How do I use SPVG with MiraClone?

SPVG allows you to read all of the necessary information from car via OBD and creates a bin file. After that the obtained data are loaded to MiraClone that lets you finish the process by writing the extracted bin data onto new or existing transponder:

1.1 Use SuperVAG. Select Car’s Make & Model.

1.2PLUG IT. Click ‘Key Programming’ and ‘Start Dianostics’

1.3 All the information will appear on the right side. Click ‘Immobiliser Status’. You will see that the key in the ignition is not a programmed key.
2.1READ IT. Click on ‘Retrieve data on transponder’. Turn the ignition ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’. Press ‘Okay’.

2.2The Component and Security data will appear on the right side.

2.3 Save the file

3.1MIRACLONE IT. Select ‘Main’ and click ‘Identify & Read’. You can see that it is not a can transponder.

3.2 Once information is read go to ‘Programmer’ to make a can transponder for the type of car by clicking ‘Transponder’.
3.3 Click ‘Eeprom’. You can see that 5 keys have been coded
3.4 Select a key. Choose ID48W and click ‘Transponder’

3.5 Check the new key in the car by going back to SuperVAG and selecting ‘Immobiliser status’.

Q: How do I make lost keys using SPVG?

Applicable to: VAG after 2010

Required: SPVG Key + license , notebook, connector SuperVAG 149

For lost key solution please follow these steps:

1. Remove dashboard from car.
2. Remove rear cover from dashboard.
3. Plug in SuperVAG 149 fixture with blue connector And follow on screen instructions in SPVG
4. Open SuperVAG KEY and select xxxxxxx xxxx transpondéru
5. Follow on screen instructions on use of cable 149
6. Follow normal instructions for add key scenario in pc as the instrument is in Service Mode. Use MiraClone to make a key from bin.

7. Now put instrument back to car and start with new key.